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Combining years of experience, global perspectives and passion, HueHut works with brands to bring ideas to life.

Ben Tepper HueHut Profile Picture
Ben Tepper Ben

This Aussie multitasking wizard brings to the team a passion for storytelling and a whack timezone. With a Bachelor of Design, you'll often find him putting it to use by Photoshoping his mates. One of them is framed in a stranger's house, but that's another story.

Kelly Bujeau HueHut Profile Picture
Kelly-Anne Bujeau Fiind

Our Marketing expert, she attributes most of her success to the principles: Collaborate with Respect and Only Act with Kindness, or CROAK, for short. Whether it’s hopping onto unique projects or being the lily pad to support junior staff, her military, administrative and marketing background make her an asset to our team.

Bruno Saad Marques HueHut Profile Picture
Bruno Saad Marques Saad

Bachelor in Graphic Design and Animation? With experience in Motion Graphics and character animation? He's ready to make your stuff look amazing, and also animated, be it 2D or 3D! 'Cause who doesn't like moving things?

Homero Arellano HueHut Profile Picture
Homero Arellano UserError

Often found in the kitchen, this D&D Game Master collected spell components to run all project management tables (STR). Gifted with the skill of problem solving (INT) and creative tendencies (DEX), he’s trouble with an Associates Degree and Bachelors in biz. admin & Marketing (WIS). Don't mess with this home cook (CON); he serves one mean choco. chip cookie!

Poet Beasley HueHut Profile Picture
Poet Beasley Paddington
United States
Nick Quirico HueHut Profile Picture
Nick Quirico Direboyd
United States

Pick Up Games

Motion Design

Using a blend of in-game footage and motion graphics, HueHut has created a video to promote information about PUGs offered at Elo Hell Esports.

Pick Up Games also known as PUGS are a way for players to enjoy Overwatch while avoiding the competitive ladder. This Video was created for the client in hopes to educate players on the opportunities available.

It was important to display information about how to get involved all whilst showing a sense of community, and getting the audience engaged and excited about Overwatch.


Elo Hell Esports

Pug ad screenshot